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*I'm not really sure where to begin...
*I guess I started a livejournal out of curiosity, and a little bit of boredom...
*I love reading, and writing, and dancing, and just sitting around listening to music...

**Speaking of music, I can listen to just about anything except heavy metal, no offense or anything, but it starts to bother me after about 1 minute!
*My new favorite artists for the moment are Mika, and Michael Buble, and The Plain White T's (just cause of their song: Hey There Delilah)
*I love oldies like the Commodores, The Temptations, but at the same time, I love new artists like T.Pain, and Hurricane Chris.
*I like music that has a message.
*I'm really big on R&B, and soul...

***I'm just learning how to play the piano, and soon I want to learn how to play the guitar!

****As of late, I have really been getting into Charity work, and "Going Green" because I realized that i am not helping the planet out any when I litter, or when i leave things plugged in for no reason, or when i don't recycle, so i'm going to be making a consious effort to try.

*I guess that's about all for now*

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